Join us for MORE weekly sessions of fun and education! Check the calendar or contact our office for locations and availability.

AGILITY - Join us for weekly sessions of fun and education! 

Check the calendar or contact our office for locations and availability.

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of either the Advanced Class or the Off-Leash Program. 

What you'll learn: 

In this class you will lean how to teach your dog the basics of agility:

  • "Jump" - traversing over obstacles

  • "Climb it" - climbing over the A-frame

  • "Walk it" - walking over crosswalk

  • "Teeter" - walking over the teeter-totter

  • "Table" - jumping up on a platform

  • "Weave" - weaving between poles

This class is designed to offer both dog and owner exercise and fun in a safe setting.   Agility is a great way to build a dog's confidence and improve obedience skills through positive reinforcement. 

BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY: We encourage anyone who is going to be living with the dog to attend class. Children are welcome.

REGISTER NOW: Enrollment for this course is $279. Our classes are limited. This ensures that you and your dog will get individual attention. Tuition is non-refundable and not-transferable once the enrollment has been processed. Call to request your enrollment package. (248) 236-0287

Want to get the most out of your agility class? We recommend that you take advantage of our Day Training Program now available to clients participating in our Dog School Program.


$ 279.00  Advanced tuition due at enrollment.