Our Exclusive Off-Leash Obedience training program is designed to provide you and your dog a lifetime of fun anywhere you go.

No longer will the sound of the doorbell send you scrambling to confine your dog.
No longer will you live in fear that your dog will run away or into harm's way. 
No longer will the dog have to stay home when you go on family outings. 
No longer will you need a leash! 

Our training techniques are designed to override distractions that every day living presents (people, other animals, traffic, food, etc.), and are accomplished through avoidance motivation and positive reinforcement rather than punishment.

The following is the vocabulary your dog will obtain through the training program:

  • Come - Each and every time you call your dog, they will respond!

  • Sit - Assume the seated position.

  • Down - Lay on the ground.

  • Stay - Hold that pose - If in a sit (or down) remain in a sit (or down).

  • Wait - Don't follow me.

  • Hup - Jump up onto/into an object, i.e. into the car, into the bathtub.

  • Off - Put all four paws on the ground.

  • Let's Go - Walk on a leash without pulling.

  • Heel - Walk at my left side.

  • O.k. - Used to release the dog from a stay.

  • Place - Get on the mat, lay on the mat, stay on the mat.

  • Kennel up - Get in your crate & wait.

  • Quiet - Stop barking.

  • Leave it - Disregard an object

  • Drop it - Let go of an object

The Off-Leash Program attaches safety as a reward to the commands taught in the proceeding Beginner and Intermediate Courses. The result is a happy, relaxed, confident, and obedient beyond belief dog.

The Off-Leash Program is an entire year of training. Your dog will complete a minimum six week day training course in our training centers Monday - Friday and will be home evenings and weekends. They will learn a total of fifteen words and corresponding hand signals, which may be used under any and all conditions.   Your dog will train in the presence of people, other dogs, cats, and horses while visiting downtown areas, going inside stores, and hiking through parks and country settings.  You will follow your dog's training progress on our Facebook Page - Canine Academy.

During the course of your dog’s training, you and your family will attend a series of appointments with our trainers designed to ensure your continued success. Our trainers will continue to support you and your dog for an entire year.

The Off Leash program includes ongoing follow up training and support via an automatic one year enrollment into our exclusive Off Leash Outings. Great Dogs in Action Outings are available for a membership fee.

We accept all breeds of dog with a minimum age of five months and completion of our Beginner and Intermediate Programs.

Please contact our office to schedule your dog's evaluation (248) 236-0287