Housetraining your Puppy

Keep a schedule

  • Be sure to feed & water your puppy on a consistent schedule. Puppies will need to potty within 15 minutes of eating and/or drinking.
  • Food & water should be restricted in the evening. This will help your dog make it thru the night without mistakes.
  • Puppies will need to potty immediately after awakening. Puppies will need to potty after play sessions.
  • Take them outside frequently:

Take Them Out Frequently

  • Take them out when they wake up.
  • Take them out before they go to bed.
  • Take them out 15 minutes after they eat.
  • Take them out 15 minutes after they drink.
  • Take them out after you play with them.
  • Take them out every time you let them out of their cage.
  • If they don’t potty when they are outside, put them in their cage & try again in 15minutes.

Watch them inside constantly

  • Watch the puppy at all times.
  • Watch for signs; circling, sniffing, whining, anxiousness, etc.
  • If you are unable to watch the puppy, put them in their crate.

When to praise

  • Any of the above signs should result in taking the pup outside & praise!!
  • Each & every time they finish pottying outside; not just a little praise, make a big deal!!

When to punish

  • The only time punishment is effective is if you catch the puppy in the act!!!!! Any other times of punishment will simply delay the housebreaking process!!~!!~!!!
  • If you catch the puppy in the act, startle them by clapping your hands loudly & “No!!”
  • This will stop the puppy in “mid-stream”.
  • Do not immediately take the puppy outside!! Rather, watch them closely for five minutes and then take them outside. This will separate the bad behavior, (pottying in the house), from the good behavior, (pottying outside). When the puppy finishes their job outside, PRAISE!!!

The key to successful housebreaking is not punishing the mistake; rather it is eliminating the opportunity for the mistake to occur. This will require the owner to pay close attention to the puppies schedule and signals. If housebreaking is approached in this systematic order, the process will be successful.

Crate training is useful for many purposes while training your puppy. Housebreaking is no exception!!!!! USE A CRATE!!